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Diabetes Prevention and Treatment in Sugar Land, TX

Important Steps You Can Take to Prevent and Treat Diabetes

Your pancreas creates a natural hormone in your body called insulin to help manage the glucose levels in your blood. When your body cannot generate this hormone or enough of it, your glucose levels can become too high, and you can develop diabetes as a result. Diabetes is a disease that causes serious health problems over time and can even be fatal if not treated. At the Reddy Cardiac Wellness & Diabetes Reversal Center in Sugar Land, TX, we can help you get your diabetes under control. We’ll give you vital insights concerning the best prevention methods to avoid contracting the disease altogether and the top treatment methods if you’ve been diagnosed. Contact us to speak to a member of our staff to learn more information.

Can Diabetes Be Prevented?

Diabetes is common in the United States. Approximately 30 million people nationwide have some form of diabetes, but the disease is preventable when you take the right steps. The first step towards improving your health and avoiding diabetes is education. Knowing your medical history, the different types of diabetes, and how they can affect you or have affected your family is crucial for prevention. The next step towards preventing diabetes is taking healthy action and making positive lifestyle changes, including increasing physical activity, losing weight, and eating right, every day. To get more insights into diabetes prevention, get in touch with the Reddy Cardiac Wellness & Diabetes Reversal Center today and let us help put you on the path to better diabetes prevention.

What Steps Can I Take To Prevent Diabetes?

Education and self-management are the keys to preventing diabetes before it forms in your body. If you already have diabetes, you can also take steps to mitigate the effects and live a long and healthy life. Here at the Reddy Cardiac Wellness & Diabetes Reversal Center, we can provide you with powerful, practical diabetes prevention and treatment guidelines for all forms of diabetes, including:  

  • Educate Yourself About Diabetes: There are three main types of diabetes: Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes. Become familiar with each type, learn the risks and complications, and see if your personal and family medical history contains any traces of or allowances for diabetes.
  • Create a Trusted Medical Support Network: When preventing or battling diabetes, you need to know you have doctors and specialists you can trust to guide you every step of the way. Reddy Cardiac Wellness & Diabetes Reversal Center has the resources and diabetes experts to work with your unique medical needs and enhance your prevention and treatment methods.
  • Improve Diet & Exercise: Poor diet and inactivity make you more susceptible to diabetes, overall. Improving your meals to include lean meats, healthy fruits, and vegetables is an excellent step in the right direction towards diabetes prevention. Coupling a good diet with increased exercise can also strengthen your body, normalize your natural blood sugar levels, and help prevent diabetes in all the best ways.

Prevention Measures After Diabetes Diagnosis

If you have been diagnosed with “prediabetes,” it means that your blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough to officially be called diabetes. Type 2 diabetes, which most commonly develops from prediabetes, is preventable when you take the right steps towards prevention. In addition to proper diet, exercise, and education, other efficient preventative steps include:

  • Not smoking
  • Increased communications & visits with your healthcare provider
  • Improved sleep habits
  • Creating a positive mindset focused on health

If you receive a full Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis, there are still steps you can take to mitigate the diseases’ effects and ensure you live a full, healthy, fruitful life, including:

  • Carefully monitoring the glucose levels in your blood
  • Regularly taking your insulin shots
  • Increasing your vitamin and supplement intake
  • Following your prescribed medical regimen

Maintaining a Healthy Outlook with Diabetes

While there is no cure for diabetes, preventing, managing, and treating it is possible for everyone. Establishing a healthy outlook on self-care to get your diabetes under control is key. You must understand what type of diabetes you have, follow your doctors’ recommendations, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. All of this takes commitment, but you can do it. Realize that you will not do everything perfectly every day, but you can make a conscious choice to be consistent in the best interest of your health. By doing so, you can prevent diabetes from taking control and live your life to the fullest with a positive mindset that makes all the difference.

Contact Us for More Diabetes Information

Diabetes is a preventable and treatable disease. Whether you need to make a current lifestyle change or maintain your current healthy lifestyle, the Reddy Cardiac Wellness & Diabetes Reversal Center is here to help. Our diabetes experts can guide you every step of the way, provide helpful medical insights, develop treatment and prevention plans, and more. If you would like to learn more, please contact our diabetes center in Sugar Land, TX today and put yourself on the road to diabetes prevention and wellness!

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There is a correlation between hemoglobin A1c levels and average blood sugar levels. Use this chart to find your average blood glucose when you know your HgbA1c. The chart is specially color-coded so you can easily interpret your level of health based on your hemoglobin A1c. If you check your glucose levels several times per day, you can also use this chart to predict your HgbA1c for the next three to four months.

Hemoglobin Conversion Table by Reddy Cardiac Wellness & Diabetes Reversal Center

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