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Knowing that the effectiveness of a tried and true Houston heart doctor can be exemplified by the testimonials of patients that have been helped through Reddy Cardiac Wellness is proof beyond measure that Dr. Kota J.Reddy is setting the bar as a Houston cardiologist higher and higher. From research and publications to the development of the “Reddy Diet” and the creation of “ Reddy Bread”, Dr. Reddy and Reddy Cardiac Wellness are changing the lives of heart patients for the better. Heart disease can be prevented and it can certainly be reversed, the below testimonials are proof.

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I can trust him for mine and my loved ones’ lives.*

I was a little concerned when I brought my dad first time to see Dr. Kota Reddy in 2002. I am working in the Healthcare Industry for over ten years now and back then I didn't know much about cardiologists in Houston area. By being in healthcare, I have seen healthcare providers and their staff treating patients like numbers or any other chart and that wasn’t I wanted for my dad. I did some online research and me & dad went on that major trip for the first time. *

It was a pleasant surprise that there are still some physicians who really care about their patients; he provided good advice, enough time, honest opinion and professional care without wasting time. Since then, dad has been through triple bypass and two Carotid artery surgeries and his health problems were demanding major life style changes where dad let's say doesn't want change even if that’s the only way to live. It was a challenge for the whole family but it was Dr. Reddy who provided his outmost guidance & full support in each step. He was most patient when I & my family gave up; whenever we called him, he called back & was very pleasant, understanding and professional and was always there which I admire the most. Till today after seven years when my dad's arteries are clean, Cholesterol and EKGs are finally normal and even his blood pressure which I never thought possible is normal again after being high for over 30 yrs (he is 67).*

My dad sees Dr. Reddy now every 6 months for preventive screening and our family knows that whenever any of us will need cardiac care, Dr. Reddy is the only one we will go for and I do highly recommend him as a professional practitioner and as a very nice person who really cares and I can trust him for mine and my loved ones' lives.*

Farah Ayoob Houston , TX June 23, 2015

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All in all, it was one of those “once in a lifetime” …

Since I was only 54 at the time, I had never known I would need to see a cardiologist. My internist, however, referred me to Dr Kota Reddy for a cardiac evaluation for the possible need of a surgical procedure. I didn’t know what to expect, but upon entering his office.*

I felt welcomed by his whole staff! I found Dr. Reddy to be a very knowledgeable, professional, and caring physician. My father visited Dr. Reddy with me and we both felt that we had found a true friend. When results of subsequent testing came back, the treatment and medications he prescribed corrected every aspect of my deficiencies. It was nothing short of overwhelming; what a relief! All in all, it was one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences. In closing, I am very thankful for doctors like Dr. Reddy.*

Hugh H. Hichens Houston , TX June 24, 2015

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I’ve been a diabetic for quite some time now and I always …

I tried Dr. Reddy Pita Bread few months ago and my blood sugar since then has been under control.*

I really enjoyed the taste of this bread so much and I like what it does for my diabetes.*

Surendra M. Sugar Land , TX June 25, 2015

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I have a family history of diabetes and I’ve got the type 2 …

All this time I have been on diet and medications like glucophage and actos. However these did not actually bring my blood sugar down. Then I tried Dr. Reddy Pita Bread which I eat 3 times a day and my blood sugar has been under controlled fantastically! I really like Dr. Reddy Pita Bread and I recommend it to all diabetic patients. If you eat this bread then definitely you will get your blood sugar under control.*

Perveen C. Sugar Land , TX June 26, 2015

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I am happy to give my testimonial for Dr. Kota Reddy’s new …

I noticed it helped me maintain my blood sugar level without any noticeable increase after eating this bread and testing in one hour and again after another one hour. It is very good in taste and texture similar to what I used to eat many decades ago,homemade "Rotala". If I have to eat this bread every day to keep my sugar level under control, I think it is quite acceptable and relatively small sacrifice to let go wheat bread.*

Harish P. Richmond , TX June 27, 2015

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I have been an Orthopedic Surgeon for 40 years. I have been …

I have tried Dr. Reddy Pita Bread and compared its effect on my blood sugar levels through modified glucose tolerance tests on more than one occasions. I have found that the ingredients of this bread increase my blood glucose levels by a much smaller value than by any other bread. The sugar level also returns to its original (fasting) levels much faster and in two and a half hours it is even lower than the starting fasting levels.*

I am happy with these results achieved on personal experimentation and I have decided to use Reddy Bread on a regular basis. I am happy to recommend this bread for all diabetics who wish to control their blood sugar levels at lower values on a regular basis.*

Barkat C., M.D. Sugar Land , TX June 28, 2015

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I have been a patient of Dr Reddy for the last 10 years. I …

At Dr Reddy’s request I did the following test in his office:

The first part of the test consisted in eating regular Pita bread and my glucose level elevated higher than the starting point, which at the end of two and half hours was still higher.*

The second part of the test, a few days later,consisted in eating equal amount of Dr Reddy’s Pita bread; my glucose level elevated about half of the regular bread and, at the end of two and a half hours, my blood sugar was lower than the starting point.*

All of the readings were observed and verified by me so, they are reality. I can hardly wait for more Dr Reddy’s pita bread to become available so that I may be able to hopefully stop taking the prescription drug.*

Try it, folks!!!

George S. Houston , TX June 29, 2015

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The Dr. Reddy Pita Bread is fantastic. It tastes great and …

I want to lose weight and cut the impact of carb sugar. Dr. Reddy Bread is the only bread that has worked for me. I have lost weight, do not feel the urge to gorge on more carbs, and the Reddy Bread does not elevate my blood sugar.*

Lonnie M. Houston , TX June 30, 2015

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