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Recommended by Houston Cardiologist

Here at Reddy Cardiac Wellness, we are proud to suggest the “Reddy Diet” to our heart conscious patients as a way to stave off and control their risk factors concerning heart disease and Houston weight loss. All Houston weight loss plans are not created equal and we have seen the results of the “Reddy Diet” first hand and we are convinced by the weight loss experienced by our patients that the “Reddy Diet” is a proven Houston weight loss plan.*

The “Reddy Diet” is not just a Houston weight loss diet, it’s a total change of lifestyle for our patients at Reddy Cardiac Wellness and those non-patients that choose to follow our diet plan to help gain control of their heart health. The structure of the “Reddy Diet” is designed to make your body extinguish its cravings for starch and sugars, by filling it with the meats, fruits, vegetables, and plant proteins that will keep it feeling full and satisfied longer, without the unhealthy addiction to saturated fats, sugars, and starches that we’ve grown accustomed to.*

Low Cholesterol Diet Plan Designed by Houston Cardiologist

Houston high cholesterol is one of the four major risk factors which have a helping hand in creating heart disease. Cholesterol itself is not the enemy, the body actually needs proper levels of cholesterol to function properly, however, a Houston low cholesterol diet is a great help against the foreseeable damage that a high Houston cholesterol diet can and will ultimately cause.*

Houston’s low cholesterol diets are diets that are low in saturated fats.* A simple yet effective practice to implement in Houston lowering cholesterol is to use only either canola oil or peanut oil when cooking and when using olive oil, never heat it, only use it at room temperature. The process of heating olive oil makes it lose some of its natural benefits. Maintaining a diet low in cholesterol will help to decrease your risk of developing heart disease, the moment you decrease your cholesterol intake your heart begins to repair itself.*

Gluten-Free Diet Plan by Houston Cardiologist*

Houston gluten-free diets are diets in which the foods consumed are completely free of gluten-containing cereals such as wheat, barley, rye, as well as malts, and any foods that use gluten as a food additive for adding flavor, thickening, or stabilizing.* A Houston gluten-free diet rules out the consumption of bread and pasta, since most are made with wheat flour and wheat flour contains 12% gluten.*

A gluten-free diet can be very beneficial to those that follow it, but at the same time, it is very strict and can at often times be found to be a difficult diet to follow since gluten is found in almost all processed foods found in most conventional grocery stores.* Those wishing to practice a gluten-free diet will be glad to know that “Reddy bread” is gluten-free and can be eaten with other gluten-free meal options.* Gluten can even be found in lipstick, lip balms, and lip gloss, so further investigation is necessary to adhere to a strict gluten-free lifestyle.*

Low Carb Diet Plan for Cardiac Health by Houston Cardiologist*

The “Reddy Diet” is a great example of a Houston low car diet plan.* In the “Reddy Diet” there is a call to dramatically decrease the number of carbohydrates that the body is given.* This decrease in carbohydrate intake shows success over other Houston low carb diet plans because it significantly reduces the amount of sugar that the body is given.* The lower the amount of sugar that the body is fed, the better the body will be able to reduce and use the amounts of stored fats that it has sat in reserves all over the body.*

A big misconception regarding low carb diets is that they have to be replaced with copious amounts of meat and fish.* On the contrary, the “Reddy Diet” calls for 50% vegetables & spices coupled with 50% types of meat & plant proteins.* Once you retrain your body in how it will be processing the amounts of sugars that it was used to consuming, it will naturally begin the process of using the excess sugars or glycogen that has been stored around the body and in some cases, has surrounded vital organs inside the body.* A low carb diet is the beginning to the reversal of damage caused by a diet full of sugar and starch.*

Sugar-Free Diet designed by Houston Cardiologist

Sugar-free diets promote weight loss and proper blood sugar levels.* A Houston sugar-free diet plan should eliminate all sweets made with refined sugar and certain fruits and vegetables with high sugar content. Sugar as we now understand through years of research and study is toxic to your body’s biochemical system. Sugar is toxic to the body in that it completely rearranges the way the body produces and uses insulin.*

When the body is fed a meal that is high in carbohydrates or sugar, it quickly raises the level of glucose in the bloodstream, which in turn stimulates the pancreas to release insulin. This results in an excess amount of insulin being released into the bloodstream, rendering the body unable to turn that glucose into glycogen – which the body uses for immediate energy needs. This then decreases the body’s ability to store glycogen and results in that insulin production becoming stored fat. The body’s ability to hang on to stored fat is relentless and has resulted in the numerous health conditions and diseases that we suffer due to what we eat.*

Lower Blood Pressure with Diet Designed by Houston Cardiologist

High blood pressure is one of the four major risk factors for heart disease. Houston blood pressure control is necessary to prevent the onset of heart disease and other crucial heart ailments. In order to attain Houston’s lower high blood pressure, a Houston high blood pressure diet should be followed. Blood pressure can be affected by diets high in salt, sodium, and saturated fats.*

To be effective in lowering high blood pressure, your diet should dramatically reduce the amount of salt intake to less than 2000mg per day. Secondly, the number of saturated fats that are consumed should be greatly decreased. Eating lean meats and fish are great options for lowering the intake of saturated fats. When cooking using canola and peanut oils as opposed to vegetable oils, lard, and butter are also great ways to immediately reduce the number of saturated fats that you consume. Lower blood pressure makes for a happier, healthier heart and a more fulfilling lifestyle.*

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. Results may vary and are not guaranteed. Please Note: The material on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Always consult your physician.

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