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Attempting to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in Sugar Land, TX

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With type 2 diabetes on the national rise, the question about whether reversing type 2 diabetes is possible has sparked much public debate. There are many myths and questionable studies out there regarding the reversal of adult-onset diabetes. However, many medical experts believe it is possible. You must first take into account a few factors, such as how severe your diabetes is, how long you have had diabetes, and your genetic makeup. Depending on your specifics, the team at Reddy Cardiac Wellness & Diabetes Reversal Center would love to help you with reversing type 2 diabetes* in Sugar Land, TX. There are certain steps we can help you take towards changing your lifestyle habits and managing your condition. To work towards attempting to reverse your type 2 diabetes with our help, you must be willing to implement the following with our careful medical guidance:

What Causes Type 2 Diabetes (Adult-Onset Diabetes)?

Type 2 diabetes, or adult-onset diabetes, is characterized by an individual’s inability to produce or use insulin in their body correctly. Insulin is the hormone made by your pancreas that helps your body burn sugar (glucose) from the foods you eat or store it for future usage. An individual without diabetes has the normal secretion of insulin to balance out their blood sugar levels. However, when your body either doesn’t produce enough insulin or your body becomes insulin-resistant, it causes blood sugar levels that are too high (hyperglycemia).

Having uncontrolled type 2 diabetes with spiking blood sugar levels leads to many severe long-term complications, including heart disease, kidney failure, limb amputations, and more. A glycated hemoglobin (A1C) blood test is used to diagnose type 2 diabetes. A normal A1C range falls below 5.7%, while individuals with diabetes have an A1C level that is 6.5% or higher. Although these will vary from individual to individual, symptoms of type 2 diabetes include frequent urination, headaches, blurry vision, unsatiated thirst or hunger, fatigue, slow-healing wounds, high blood pressure or cholesterol, chronic infections (usually yeast, kidney, or urinary tract), and neuropathy (a tingling or numbness in the hands, legs, or feet).

How Is Type 2 Diabetes Treated, Managed, or Reversed?

Adults with type 2 diabetes can manage the condition with weight loss, healthy eating, regular exercise, blood sugar monitoring, and certain diabetes medications or insulin therapy. The first medication many people with type 2 diabetes are prescribed is Metformin, which works to lower glucose production and improve your body’s resistance to insulin. While there isn’t a known cure for diabetes, medical studies show some individuals can reverse it through weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle. Typically, doctors refer to diabetes reversal when a patient can go off their medications while engaging in an ongoing healthy lifestyle program.

Better eating habits and regular exercise can help you control your blood sugars, although it should be noted that diabetes is an ongoing disease. Even if you can go off your medications with your blood sugars in a healthy range, there’s always a chance the symptoms of your diabetes could return. The chances of this happening increase if you “fall off the wagon” and resume your old, unhealthy lifestyle choices. Following a low-carb, low-calorie diet seems to help many patients lose weight and reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes. However, depending on your body mass index (BMI), some individuals may need bariatric surgery before they can focus on making necessary lifestyle changes.

Are You Ready to Take Better Control of Your Diabetes?

Are you ready to take better control of your type 2 diabetes with our help? Please contact Reddy Cardiac Wellness & Diabetes Reversal Center to schedule an appointment with our committed staff. The earlier you begin a healthy lifestyle program after being diagnosed with diabetes, the more likely you are to reverse the effects of the disease. Read more about reversing type 2 diabetes in Reddy Cardiac Wellness & Diabetes Reversal Center’s informative blogs.

Diabetes Reversal Center in Sugar Land, TX

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