Dr. Arsalan Khan Dr. Kota Reddy

Two of the Common Things You Complain Every Day May Be a Sign of an Already Advanced Disease

As simple and as common as forgetting where you placed your keys and feeling tired most of the time could be the only indications that a silent disease is on its advanced stage.

I have been in practice for eighteen years in the field of Cardiology and as I look at all the medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity in a different perspective, I now realize that they all stem from a condition called Fatty Liver Disease. One day I was talking to my friend who is a gastroenterologist and I asked him a simple question; if I have a fatty liver, what signs and symptoms would I have? He said, ‘None.’ So I asked him again, if I continue to develop fatty liver to the point where all of my liver cells are full of fat, what would happen then? He told me, ‘You will develop inflammations in your liver which will lead to fibrosis or ‘scarring’ of the liver. But then you will still have no symptoms. Even if ninety percent of your liver is scarred, you will still have no symptoms. The only time you may have symptoms is when ninety-five percent of the liver is already scarred. But most people, even at this stage, will only have two symptoms; one is mild memory loss and the other is mild fatigue.’

Now, who among you have never experienced forgetting where you placed your keys and feeling tired all the time? The scariest thing is that when you are at this point, you are just one step closer to liver cirrhosis and liver failure. More than ninety percent of your liver could be scarred and you may never know it until it is too late.

Watch the video below and learn everything you can about fatty liver disease and how it can be diagnosed. Find out which test will tell you how much ‘fat’ or ‘scar’ is in your liver and work on reversing Fatty Liver Disease.