Dr. Arsalan Khan Dr. Kota Reddy
  • Having Fatty Liver is Like Walking Through Life Blindfolded

    When you have fatty liver, it’s like walking through life blindfolded. You won’t have any signs and symptoms of the disease. You are unaware of the things you are doing that are making your liver ‘fatty’ and unhealthy. You are unconscious of your liver being ’scarred’ from all the abuses it is receiving. Until you reach the edge of a cliff.

    Now, the next step you take will make you fall down to your death. But from the moment you slip to the point of your death, would be the only time you will show signs and symptoms of liver failure.

    At that particular point where you are about to take your final step off the cliff, you only have two options: one, proceed and die a miserable death due to side effects and complications of liver failure or two, find someone who is willing to donate their liver and go for a liver transplant.

    If you are lucky enough to get a liver transplant, you will survive. But the next question I’m going to ask is, do you know how healthy your donor’s liver is? If the donor’s liver is also ‘fatty’ and ‘scarred,’ what are your chances of a good recovery?

    So where are you now? What is in your liver? Is it ‘fatty’ or ‘scarred’? Watch the video and find out before it is too late.