Dr. Arsalan Khan Dr. Kota Reddy

One condition may be causing most of our medical problems including obesity and doctors may not know how to treat it

With all the medical problems we see today including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and some cancers; one very common condition may be fueling most of these diseases. This disease is called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease or more simply ‘FATTY LIVER’. It is seen in people who don’t drink alcohol, but their livers resemble that of a person who is an alcoholic. This condition is more common than you might think; in fact 25% of people in the United States are affected by it and probably, even more, are undiagnosed. So there’s a good chance you might have it. The worst part is many doctors do not know how to treat this disease, let alone check for it routinely.

Have you heard the saying “All roads lead to Rome”? It is an old idiomatic expression which explains that many different routes would lead to the same goal. It is based on the fact that the Roman Empire’s road system is designed in such a way that all of its roads radiate from one source which is the capital. Fatty liver disease is exactly like Rome. Most if not all disease processes emanate from fatty liver.

So if you have diabetes, heart disease, obesity, or other diseases, you also have a fatty liver. And the only way to cure all these conditions is to reverse your fatty liver.

Let’s take a crack at it today and learn everything about fatty liver disease and how to reverse it. Watch the video.